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There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says "A light can extinguish a thousand years of darkness" [一燈能破千年暗]. In today’s China, under a total information censorship, reporting the news truthfully has become scarce. NTD Television and Epoch Times began as a small light that glowed in the darkness and as time went on this light grew brighter and brighter. It is that continuous light that has given people hope and the ability to see clearly in this difficult time. NTD Television and Epoch Times are the guardians that provide true information to help people safeguard their lives; from uncovering the truth about the SARS epidemic in China to the unspoken horror of the reality of live organ harvesting in China. The censorship does not rest, it is relentless, we need media agencies like NTD TV and Epoch Times more than ever now!

NTDTV and the Epoch Times have both grown exponentially in past ten years. Now Epoch Times websites internationally receive per month: 800 million page views, 300 million unique visitors and have a circulation of 1.6 million newspapers.


  • is now ranked No. 79 globally and #12 on the net. And highest ranked media page (Alexa March 16, 2017)
  • No. 3 among most watched video creators (Tubular labs February 2017). Has highest engagement rate among the top 3.
  • Highly social media engaged audience with 250+ million unique website visitors per month (Google analytics March 16, 2017). And 1.6 billion engagements.
  • Social Media followers: 800+ million people reached per month
  • 3 million video views per month
  • 22 million Facebook fans across NTD TV, NTD News and 5 other NTD owned Facebook pages.

Since day one, journalism with integrity and honesty has been the mainstay of NTD TV and Epoch Times as we believe that all people are created equal and they should have access to accurate non-censored news. Media should not be a tool of power or politics. This is the core of what journalism was always meant to be.

NTD TV and Epoch Times now cover even broader topics on human right’s issues inside and outside of China and is also dedicated to reviving the lost traditional Chinese culture as well as promoting the traditional culture of the west.

NTD TV and Epoch Times are independent media and the world’s fastest growing global media networks. Freedom of the press and humanity are the foundation of NTD TV and Epoch Times. Our award-winning reporting provides a truthful and insightful perspective on local, regional, national, and international news, and we are the recognized leader in coverage of China and China-related issues. There are many Local editions published by regional bureaus all over the world in 35 countries in 23 languages giving it the largest geographic distribution in the world!

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